Scribbish theme for WordPress 4

Posted by Kenny on June 15, 2006

Those who have visited this blog before will probably notice a change in appearance. I never cared much for the default WordPress theme, but I browsed through who knows how many alternate themes in the theme gallery and still didn’t find anything to my liking.

Then I decided to check out Ruby on Rails a couple of months ago, so I set up a test blog using Typo because it is one of the best open source examples of a complete Rails application. From there I discovered Packagethief’s Quoted-Printable blog and the Scribbish theme. Here’s a snippet that I posted to my test blog at the time:

I’ve always preferred page designs that are simple and clean, lightweight to load, and yet still pleasing to the eye. Scribbish fits those criteria perfectly. I just wish there was a WordPress-compatible version that I could use on my public blog!

I recently had a little time to kill, so I set out to create the WordPress version myself and ScribbishWP was born. If you’re a WordPress user in search of an awesome theme then check it out, and give a shout out to Packagethief for a great visual design.


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  2. Remco Wed, 21 Jun 2006 18:05:20 EDT

    I’m very picky when it comes to themes but I do like this one a lot, thanks for your work. Yesterday I’ve implemented it on my website and am very pleased with it. I’ve made some minor adjustments / additions like a menu-bar on top (which I’m not completly happy with yet) and I’ve widgetized the sidebar for added convenience.

    Thanks for a great theme!

    Perhaps it’s a good idea to submit it at and/or so others can benfit from it as well!

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  4. Andrei Tue, 19 Sep 2006 04:53:19 EDT

    I have changed the default Scribbish theme a bit and adding a third column with asides. You can check it out at: