David’s room is painted!

We just finished repainting David’s room. He had outgrown the old decor, and was very excited about helping pick out the new colors. He really wanted to have red and, instead of a traditional comforter, he chose a quilt set with deep burgundy reds and beiges and a sort of cabin-in-the-woods feel. David originally wanted the entire room red, but we decide that would be a bit much. When we first decorated his room, we installed beadboard wainscoting around the bottom of the room, so we compromised and painted the wainscoting red and the upper wall and ceiling beige. Now that it’s all finished, David is very happy with the result.

We had originally planned to finish the room over Labor Day weekend, but we didn’t quite make it for one main reason: painting beadboard is really hard! It was a painstaking process getting paint into all those grooves, especially when trying to get the deep red to cover the old green. Miraculously, we managed to get by with only two coats or else we might never have gotten finished.

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